We are given opportunities to work with many people through making films, and in each project, we cherish and keep in mind our code of conduct below. Human beings are emotional, so there may be times when we fail to comply with all what’s written on this page. However, for this very reason, we would like to sum it up here so that we can always be aware of where we originally stand.


There is a Japanese proverb that can be translated as “the rice stalk that bear the most bent the lowest” (our company name “inaho” means “rice stalks”). The proverb is well known as a reference to modesty and humility being virtues, but these qualities tend to be misunderstood, with people thinking that they can become modest or humble by gaining favor of others or underestimating themselves. In truth, modesty and humility mean showing respect to others. Without clinging only to our own values, we would like to accept differences as much as possible. 


We stand against excessive sectionalism and exclusivism. There is one thing that often happens when professionals team up to create something together; the more skilled they are, the more hesitated they feel to express an opinion to other members’ field of expertise or the less pleasant they feel to take advice on their own specialization from others. We aim to build a team where everyone can constructively exchange thoughts and opinions regardless of his/her professional territory. This applies not just to our team members but ideally to our clients or companies who are involved in a project as well. Please feel free to say anything that you have in your mind. We do the same with no hesitation for the better outcome.


This is a bit off from the two above, but we make all kinds of efforts, from applying a lot of lights to arranging a nice background, in order to produce beautiful films. However, the overwhelming beauty of scenery, lights, and forms created by Mother Nature simply go beyond our twists and turns. For example, the color of autumn sunset and fresh green leaves reflecting early summer sunlight. Mother Nature offers the beauty that defies our imagination. We would like to keep making films while embracing love for her so that such amazing scenery will last forever.

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A portion of our sales is donated to UNHCR, the UN agency dedicated to support refugees.