Project Case Film 

Project case films are 2 to 5 minutes digest films that describe projects’ overview in a simple, understandable manner. The purpose of these films is to present cases by showing what motivated project members, what they did, and what they achieved as a result.


Regional Revitalization Training Center Project

In this ongoing project supported by Kirin Holdings Co., Ltd., some devoted producers in the food-related business gather from different parts of the nation, aiming to cooperate and generate new approaches or systems they need. Accompanying the project members, we document and visualize their progress. The video above is the case film to convey the general atmosphere of this project.


Sanuki Udon Special Education Kit

This is a promotional video for the Sanuki Udon Special Education Kit developed by Setouchi Udon Company. Based in Kagawa prefecture, SUC operates its locally engaged business while involving many other producers in the area. This education kit is designed to learn about Japanese food culture through udon noodle making.


Guest House Project in Tono

In Tono, Iwate prefecture, there is a traditional wood collecting method called Bahan. The project members led horses into the mountain and had them tow a bunch of wood. Then using the wood, they built a guest house to bring back the experience of nature-oriented lifestyle.

The purpose of this case film was to explain the project’s overview and raise funds through crowdfunding.

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